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Domestic automotive wiring harness industry development trend


The world's major automotive wire Harness multinationals such as Delphi, Yazaki, Sumitomo, and Lear have established joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises in China. Enterprises in China have become important production bases For these multinational companies.

Weihai, Qingdao and other places in Shandong, China are places where Korean wire harness enterprises are more concentrated in investment. Some Korean-owned automobile wire harness companies are also selling Korean-owned vehicle manufacturers and returning to South Korea.

Japan Yazaki has established wholly-owned or joint ventures in Tianjin, Yantai and Shantou respectively. Two companies and two branch factories have been established in Shantou. Its wire harness products are mainly exported abroad. Sumitomo Denso also invested in Fujian to build a factory, all products will be exported.

At present, foreign-funded enterprises in China have become assistants in the export of automotive wire harness products in China. China has become an important production base for global auto wire harness multinational enterprises. With the continuous development of the automotive industry, China's automotive wiring harness industry is bound to usher in a larger market development space.

At present, although there are many domestic automobile Wiring harness manufacturers, the general scale is small, the degree of specialization is obviously backward, the quality and grade are not high, and the supporting models are single. Domestic wire harnesses can not meet some of the process requirements in the processing of wire harnesses. Domestic wire harnesses are mostly used for low-end vehicles, and the market demand for high-quality wire harnesses is very broad. At the same time, because the production of automobile wiring harnesses is a labor-intensive enterprise, foreign labor is expensive, and China is relatively inexpensive, so it has strong competitiveness in foreign markets and the market prospect is promising.

Top ten domestic auto wire harness enterprises: Changzhou Lenny, Shanghai Delphi Pike, Shanghai Jinting, Tianjin Jinzhu, Sichuan Fanhua, Huizhou Shourun, Tianhai Electric, Suzhou Housing, Nantong Youxing, Tianjin/Yantai/Shantou Yazaki.

In the past two years, the pattern of the automobile market has gradually changed. The low-end products of the joint ventures are embezzling the original market share of their own brands. The pressure on supporting enterprises such as Tianhai, which is dominated by independent brand customers, will gradually increase;

Some connector companies such as Ningbo Zhengyao and Zhengzhou Yuebo have also started to deal with the wire harness business. In the long run, they will be competitors in Tianhai’s domestic independent brand automobile market. Tianhai should analyze the existing market and its advantages and disadvantages in order to make Better response measures;

The development of new energy vehicles such as low-end vehicles is a trend, and Tianhai should be on the agenda for the research and development planning of electric vehicle wiring harnesses;

Domestic automotive wiring harnesses face many challenges, mainly reflected in: fewer professional manufacturers, small scales, and different product performances; lack of participation in vehicle design, products without intellectual property rights. There are three choices in front of domestic auto wire harness manufacturers: 1. Reduce internal costs; 2. Improve product grades; 3. Consolidate the foundation and leap to a higher competitive platform to gain greater market share.

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