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Problems and solutions of wire harness processing


Problems and solutions of Wire Harness processing

In the process of wire harness processing, there will often be some problems, such as the label can not go up, the wire is covered with tin, the pins are not crimped neating. 

If we throw away all the faulty wiring harnesses, we will lose a lot of money. Then how should we deal with these problems? Here are some suggestions For your reference. 

  • 1. Possible reasons for the failure to attach the label are:

There is oil on the wiring harness, or the adhesive of the label itself has a certain aging. In this case, you can do not directly contact the non-dry adhesive surface with your hand when pasting. First on a clean piece of metal, then one by one on top of the thread

2. The terminals not crimped neat:

When meet this problem, we need to adjust the crimping dies and the force of the crimping machine. For some highly requirement products, we can do cross-section inspection to find where not crimped neat and then find solutions.

3. Inserting pins into housing but be found the pin peel off  when threading the rubber shell:

In this case, we can solve the problem by simply pulling back every time we insert a pin. Generally there was the sound of recovering shrapnel when the pin insert correctly.

4. The wiring harness is covered with tin:

If the wiring harness is covered with tin, it may lead to PVC heat retraction, there are many possibilities in this case, if it is said like this, we should check whether there is any problem in the process, adjust the processing technology in time, if it is the problem of wire, it is necessary to replace the wire in time.

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