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The characteristics and advantages of electronic wiring Harness connectors


1. Characteristics

For example, the automobile wiring Harness connector is an important part of connecting various electrical and electronic equipment in the automobile, transmitting electrical signals between the power supply, switch, electrical and electronic equipment, known as the automobile nerve, is the carrier of electrical signal control in the automobile. It has the characteristics of good Air tightness and beautiful appearance. 

Main features 1. Single-pole 75 amp connectors and terminals 2. Operating voltage: 600 volts,(AC or DC) 3. Plug life: more than 5000 times 4. Voltage resistance insulation voltage: 2200 volts 5. On-off resistance: 100 microohms.

2. Application

Wiring harness connector products are used in automobiles, home appliances, instruments, office equipment, business machines, electronic parts of the lead. Electronic control board, used in digital products, household appliances, automobile industry. With the increase of car function, the widespread application of electronic control technology, electrical parts more and more, wire will be more and more!

3. Connection method

Wiring harness connector is a kind of terminal, connector is also known as the connector, consisting of a plug and socket. Connectors are relay stations for wiring harnesses in car circuits. Connectors are generally used to connect wiring harnesses to wiring harnesses, and wiring harnesses to electrical components. Automotive wiring harnesses are important components to connect electrical and electronic equipment in automobiles. In order to prevent the connectors from disconnecting in the car, all connectors adopt locking devices.

Wiring harness connector 

1. Disassembly method

To disassemble the connector, first unlatch the connector and then pull the connector apart. It is not allowed to pull the wiring harness without unlocking it, as this will damage the locking device or connecting wiring harness.

Methods for removing wiring harness connectors

2. Market prospects

In recent years, the rapid growth of Chinese mobile phone output has driven the large demand for mobile phone connectors. Among mobile phone connectors, battery connectors, SIM card connectors, and FPC connectors are the most in demand, accounting for about 50% [%] of the total demand. The mainland connector market is expected to show double-digit growth in 2004, driven by prominent demand in the computer and consumer electronics markets, according to a global Resources Market research report. Many local connector manufacturers started out in mold development or manufacturing and then gradually penetrated into connector manufacturing. With mold development, manufacturing and plastic molding capabilities, they have considerable competitive advantages both in terms of cost control and rapid response to customers and the market.

3. History of Development

Connector products originated during the Second World War, mainly used in military enterprises. With the end of the Second World War, wiring harness get developed rapidly. In terms of the supply of connectors and wiring harnesses in nowadays, the market is in an oversupply situation. The application of wiring harness are widely used in automobiles, household appliances, medical equipment, computers and communication equipment, various electronic instruments, etc. It makes the different module of equipments connect conveniently and stablely. The wiring harness is like the blood vessel of the device, ensuring the signal transmission between the various components, so as to achieve the function of the device. For China, the wiring harness industry has 50 years of history.

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